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Striving towards customer-oriented value creation,
our highly skilled and efficient technological group of artisan
continues to take on a challenge the limit of innovation.

O-M Ltd. never stops looking for ways to assist individuals
and society through its production facilities and technical services.
Since its foundation, the company has grown along with Japanese industry,
anticipating new eras and fostering unique technological capabilities to fully respond to diversifying consumer needs.
To become our customers' best partner, we will continue to be innovative as a group of artisan,
with a more active way and with greater sensitivity for customer needs.

Aerospace Industry

The engine is the “heart” of the aircraft.
Vertical lathes (VTLs) and vertical turning centers (VTCs) are typically utilized to machine the essential components of these aircraft engines. OM VTLs/VTCs are installed in several aerospace companies to handle complex demands for material processing jobs that are different-to-cut. We strive to respond to the continuous demand of our customers in the Aerospace industry to ensure a “safe flight”.

Oil & Gas Industry

The technology and advancement of the Oil & Gas industry is rapidly progressing as world energy demands are forecasted to grow. Many companies choose our VTLs/VTCs (as their preferred choice of CNC machinery) for the manufacturing of high quality valves, due to the high rigidity and durability of our machines. Less malfunction and minimum “downtime” is essential for manufacturing companies in this competitive Oil & Gas market. OM machines contribute substantially in the economic and industrial growth of this country.

Wind Energy Industry

The introduction of wind power generation, as a “clean source” of energy, is proceeding all over the world. OM VTLs/VTCs are utilized for machining rotary parts and other high precision components for these wind turbines.

Elevator Industry

OM VTLs/VTCs are utilized for machining elevator sheave parts. Our high rigidity machines provide exceptional durability as well as tolerance to manufacture round-grooving parts, which is why our VTLs/VTCs are highly regarded as the preferred machine of use in the elevator industry.

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